Breaking Bad Decisions

There’s nothing more vital to a leader's success than good decision-making. After all, decisions determine actions— and actions determine results. Learn more about the art & science of making better decisions by downloading the Free Guide, “Breaking Bad Decisions"...>>


Better Decisions Start Here

Research shows 95% of our decisions are made UNconsciously. Why? Because the decisions are simply made by default— influenced heavily by previous experiences, ingrained patterns, and built-in biases. This leads to disengagement and people stuck in reactionary mode, unable to respond thoughtfully to challenges. 

There is a solution — empower your people with science-backed techniques to manage stress, think consciously and create a thriving culture.

Our system is designed to equip leaders with the tools they need to infuse a 'conscious state’ of mind within their organizations, one team player at a time:

Fostering intentional presence over autopilot habits

Embracing responding instead of reacting 

Encouraging connection rather than fear-driven isolation

Promoting intrinsic motivation over extrinsic validation 


Stress Leads to Unpredictable Reactions & Decisions

Stress Leads to Unpredictable Reactions & Triggers

In a stressed or depleted state, people revert to their mental programming — old patterns, ingrained biases and past conditioning to try to cope. 

Conscious State University aims to break this cycle by teaching neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and NLP techniques to help leaders and their teams "debug" their mental software. Our techniques facilitate transformational growth by training your people to calm their minds, gain clarity, and make conscious, forward-thinking decisions.

"44% of Fortune 100 companies provide mindfulness training to employees."

Source: Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson

Debugging Our Mental Software

Ever been in a situation when your anger went from 0 to 100 in seconds? That's your amygdala springing into action, treating a mild threat as a catastrophic event.  Your amygdala is like an overprotective “guard dog,” that suddenly wakes up and overreacts to a potential threat, as if it’s a life-or-death situation. 

In the workplace, life-or-death situations are a rare event, so it’s our job to calm down this “guard dog” with proven techniques that allow your “wise owl,” or the brain’s prefrontal cortex— responsible for executive systems like decision-making—to take the reins and consciously choose a response. Learn more in our Free Guide, “Breaking Bad Decisions.”

Cultivating a Conscious Culture

At Conscious State University, we provide immersive workshops and online training using science-backed methodologies that empower your leaders and teams to calm their minds and create new thinking and emotional patterns. Our customized workshops and online training equip your people to:

  • Rewire Neural Pathways

  • Overcome Past Mental Programming

  • Improve Decision-Making

  • Develop Emotional Resilience

  • Collaborate Effectively

  • Reduce Workplace Stress

  • Increase Engagement

  • Cultivate Innovation

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To gain further insight into Christie Turley’s in-person workshops, as well as Conscious State University’s online learning platform, request a proposal.

"Employees who participate in corporate wellness programs are 2.5 times more likely to be working there in 3 years."

Source: The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP)

About Conscious State University

Conscious State University was founded by Christie Turley, an executive coach with more than 20 years experience empowering leaders to maximize their peak performance potential, assisting Fortune 500 executives, advising on inclusion and belonging initiatives, and spearheading high-profile ventures. Christie is also trained in science-backed methodologies such as NLP, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and other techniques to facilitate lasting transformations. Her holistic perspective helps each team player to reconnect with their purpose, so they can lead with consciousness and presence.


How can your training help my team members overcome stress, anxiety, and burnout?

Through our customized training, employees learn to self-regulate emotions, let go of past triggers, and respond thoughtfully instead of reacting impulsively. This builds resilience to stress and prevents burnout.

How can your programs help my employees make better decisions and think more strategically?

Our programs teach science-backed techniques like mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork to help employees manage stress, expand awareness, and think more clearly. This leads to improved decision-making, strategic thinking, and problem-solving.

What are some examples of companies you've worked with to build conscious leadership and mindfulness?

We've worked with leading companies in finance, technology, healthcare, and other industries. While client names are confidential, we can provide references upon request.

How quickly can my team adopt and implement your tools and teachings into their daily work?

Our bite-sized audio practices make it easy to start experiencing benefits in the first week. Long-term adoption takes 2-3 months of regular short practices. We also recommend a kick-off keynote presentation to introduce the concepts and cultivate enthusiasm around the programs.

Can your programs be customized for different roles, such as executives vs. individual contributors?

Yes, our curriculum is tailored to each role's unique challenges, communication style, and decision-making influence. Executives receive coaching to cascade teachings.

What differentiates your approach from other corporate wellness or leadership coaching providers?

Our integrative use of mindfulness, meditation, NLP, breathwork, and neuroscience is unique. And our focus on decision-making differentiates us from wellness programs.

We help leaders and their teams to:

  • Improve decision-making and strategic thinking to navigate complex problems and make informed choices that align with their vision and goals.

  • Master a conscious mindset and breakthrough limiting beliefs, empowering team members to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and achieve lasting success.

  • Elevate leadership presence by fostering stronger relationships, managing conflicts, and inspiring their teams, while building a thriving company culture.

  • Cultivate work-life balance, while focusing on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and mindset shifts that lead to increased fulfillment and success, both personally and professionally.

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