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Are you yearning to break free from the masks you wear to be accepted by others — and step into your True Self? You're not alone. At Conscious State University, we provide a space for individuals like you to explore, learn, and grow, break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors, and move towards your True Authentic Self.

Own Your Power: Rediscover Your

Authentic Self

You know that feeling when you're wrapped up in your ego, totally attached to that image of yourself that lives in your head? Or when you're hooked on other people's approval or validation to feel good about yourself? Not cool, right?

Getting all tangled up in these traps keeps us from flourishing and standing in our power. When you can let go of the idea of who we think we are, then we can dive deep into discovering our true, authentic selves.

So, let's free ourselves from this straight jacket of who others expect us to be — and who we think we should be— shall we? This is where the magic happens—when we give ourselves space to unleash our true authentic selves, our unique gifts, passions, and purpose.

At Conscious State University, our learning community is dedicated to guiding you on your journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and authenticity.

Authentic Identity

Intuition Development

Empowered Empath

Mindfulness & Meditation

Shadow Work

Online Classes + Community

Envision a life where your actions and decisions are intuitively guided, where your empathic abilities become your superpowers, and your relationships are rooted in authenticity and understanding.





Christie Turley
Founder, Conscious State University

Feel the transformation as you reclaim your personal power in relationships, moving away from surrendering it to others, and start experiencing healthier, more fulfilling connections. This is the life you can lead when you embrace your true self and align with your divine soul blueprint.

Online Classes

Find Your Value Beyond the 4 P's: Productivity, Performance, Perfectionism, and People-Pleasing

Unlock the power of self-acceptance, authenticity, and self-care as you journey beyond the 4 P's, embracing your uniqueness, setting boundaries, and prioritizing your well-being.

Nurturing Healthy Relationships: From Co-dependence to Interdependence

Learn how to foster healthy, fulfilling relationships, breaking free from the chains of co-dependency.

Overcoming the Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn Response in Relationships

Discover strategies to manage your response to stress and conflict in relationships, fostering deeper and more authentic connections.

Empowered Empath: Transform Your Abilities into a Superpower

Harness your empathic abilities to build strong, understanding relationships and to enhance your personal growth.

From Repression to Expression: Unlocking Your Authentic Identity

Break free from generational patterns, clear subconscious limiting beliefs and express your authentic self

Intuition Upgrade: Awakening Your Psychic Potential

Develop your intuition, tap into your psychic abilities and make more aligned decisions.

Path of Love: Embrace Compassion & Release Abandonment

Transition from feelings of hate and abandonment to nurturing an all-encompassing love, seeing and expressing it in all beings.

Power Up: Reclaiming Your Personal Power for Success and Fulfillment

Discover the path to reclaiming your personal power, transforming feelings of powerlessness into lasting success and fulfillment.

Reality Check: The Art of Mindful Presence and Living Fully in the Present

Experience the transformative power of mindful presence, unlock the tools to cultivate full engagement with your surroundings, and live life to the fullest with clarity and awareness.

Cultivating Boundaries: From Overwhelm to Empowered Self-Protection

Learn effective strategies to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, protecting your energy and fostering self-empowerment.

Your Journey to Empowerment and Authenticity Begins Here

Ready to embrace your authentic self, develop your intuition and step into your true, empowered life? Join our learning community and start your transformation journey today.



Vanessa Petronelli

Spiritual Teacher

So I really highly recommend working with Christie. She's a teacher that operates out of integrity, she deeply cares about your success and what you're here to create and offer the world.


Karith Foster

Author & Speaker

Working with Christie Turley has probably been one of THE BEST decisions I have ever made! She's quick, she's smart, she's bright, she's intuitive, and she helps you tap into that as well.


Kari Vest England

Coach, Healer & Intuitive

Christie with her intuition, along with her experience, has been able to really give me good guidance, and helped me see where I have blocks.


Josee Madison

Yoga Studio Owner

I've never had a teacher that was so intuitive and able to tap into different energies about myself and the business like Christie is.


Holly Harris

Human Design Specialist

It helped me to gain more confidence in the things that I knew about myself (but I had been denying). It helped me to trust myself better!


Maria Traino

Speaker & Coach

I am hopeful, excited, and anxiously awaiting what I know is inevitable... steady ground, a clear direction, and more than enough energy to start sprinting toward my next level!

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